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The purpose of this Teamspeak server is for Knights and Merchants users to enjoy playing the game through teamwork and cooperation. It is also a place where users can establish friendly relationships with other players. To achieve these goals, users are required to follow a set of rules to keep the server orderly. Failure to follow these rules may result in temporary or even permanent bans.

Inappropriate Behaviour

The following list contains, but is not limited to, behaviours that are considered inappropriate, and will not be tolerated. The definitions and excessiveness will be defined by a moderator or administrator: Excessive vulgar language, inappropriate sportsmanship, cheating, continued and deliberate hexing of other members, discrimination against others because of race; national origin; health; gender; or religion, and other mischievousness.

Respect of Staff

Staff are considered any users who have been granted moderating or administrating powers, whether server or channel. Normal users are required to follow any server related orders that are given by moderators or administrators.

File Uploading

All normal users are welcome to upload maps, replays, saves, etc. to the respective archives. General files not related to Knights and Merchants are to be uploaded to the Chat Room channel.

File Management

As of right now, normal users are not allowed to delete uploaded files. This is a security measure taken so a renegade user cannot delete any important data. If you have a file that need to be deleted, please ask a moderator or administrator.

Channel Use, Chat and Gameplay

The Chat Room is dedicated to miscellaneous and general conversation. All "team channels" are meant to be used for separate channels from opposing players (so game strategies can be kept private).

Channel Use, Creation

Normal users are allowed to make temporary channels if they wish, but these channels will be removed by a moderator or administrator if needed, and this privilege can be revoked at any time without warning.

Client Use, Avatars

Avatars can only be uploaded by users after obtaining avatar permissions from an administrator. Please ask an administrator if you would like to have avatar permissions. Users found violating avatar rules may have their permissions revoked at any time.

Images considered to be of an offensive or explicit nature are not permitted on the server.

Server Use, Warnings and Bans

In the unfortunate event of deviant behaviour, warnings may need to be issued. A warning can only be issued by an administrator, and only after at least two administrators have discussed the pending warning. Upon reaching a specified accumulation of warnings, a user will receive a ban. The list is as follows:

  • 3 warnings: One-day bans
  • 5 warnings: Two-week-ban
  • 6+ warnings: User's standing will be discussed by administrators

Warnings, Appeals

Warnings may be appealed if two or more administrators deem the appeal is appropriate. Users are asked to politely and responsibly ask for appeals when necessary. Please ask for an appeal if your warning is over a year old. Most year-old warnings can be appealed.

Warnings, Count Inquiry

Users may inquire on how many warnings he or she has by contacting an administrator.